11.08. - 14.08. 2016.

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On Sunday morning Casteu could start from the 1st place. He was the winner of the Middle- Europe Championship in Hungary in 2008. With his YAMAHA he goes very well, the person, who is called in this case Oriol, on the second place, would need 9 minutes more to reach him! The young boy (only 19 years old) has a Honda, and he looks to Casteu as one of his idols. His brother, actually they are twins, has the 10th position, but he is satisfied with this.
Richárd Hodola got a 16-minutes penalty. Because of his accident it was asked to cancel it, but it’s not cancelled. Mátyás Somfai has more or less the same situation, as he was late, because he helped to someone else so he finally got the 12-minutes penalty.
Among the quads Alex Brusselers ‘leads’ the others, who could win in HunGarian Baja in 2007. Laskawiec is onlyat the 2nd place.

Polczer Miklós Foto 2014

Pataky Péter & Horváth Anna 2015

HunGarian Baja 2015

HunGarian Baja 2013