11.08. - 14.08. 2016.

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Silk Way's champion and G-Force Motorsport's Russian star had no match at the HunGarian Baja - Károly Fazekas had his best performance ever and finished second, moreover he took over the lead at the Hungarian Championship dethroning Miroslav Zapletal - Khalifa Al-Mutaiwei got ahead of Jean-Louis Schlesser at the World Cup series

The 2012 HunGarian Baja FIA World Cup race finished on Sunday with two selective sections. In the class of cars the Russian star, Silk Way Rallye's winner, Boris Gadasin found no match and became the first who reach the title twice in the 9-year history of the Grand Prix. Among the motorcycle rider's the 2010 World Champ, then French David Casteu, while among the quad riders the Dutch Alex Brusselers glorified. The Hungarin Championship now has a new leader: Károly Fazekas, who finished the Baja second and managed to get ahead of his arch rival, Miroslav Zapletal. Zapletal lost 7 minutes due to technical problems, while Erik Korda was penalised for arriving late to a station. In the Motorcycle European Championship Richárd Hodola despite his serious eye injure kept his first position, meanwhile Mátyás Somfai won his first nation championship.

No one could complain about getting bored in the final two - 120 km long - sections of the 2012 HunGarian Baja FIA World Cup event. In fact the weather was also fascinating for the races and everyone else. The quad rider, the Dutch Alex Brusselers kept his first position and won the HunGarian Baja with a tremendous one hour lead. In the class of motors the 2010 World Champion, the French David Casteu triumphed by no surprise, having a 12.07 minute lead ahead of his Spanish rival, Oriol Escale, and Casteu happened to be 18 minutes faster then 2011 Dakar's best Italian, Alex Zanotti.

"I am totally happy with my victory, because these tracks not only needed physical strength but techniques. I needed all my experience and routine on some parts of the race to overcome the difficulties. Of course I have to congratulate to all my team members, who did a fantastic job!" - told David Casteu.

The scoreleader of the Motorcycle European Championship, Richárd Hodola - not worrying about his eye injury - completed the race, further he finished second and kept his position. In the class of quads, Mátyás Somfai had the performance of his life and grabbed his first ever Hungarian Championship title.

Among the car drivers, the Russian Boris Gadasin made history by winning the HunGarian Baja (this was 9th event) for the second time after his 2010 victory.

"I could not be more satisfied, because these tracks were extremely tough. Although I was driving carefully, I kept my feet on the pedal. I have won my first HunGarian Baja two years ago, which was situated nearby the shores of lake Balaton, and now I was able to do it again in Győr. I am really happy about it, but I hope next year's race will be organized by the Balaton. If nothing comes in my way, I am look forward to returning to Hungary in 2013" - said Boris Gadasin.

Károly Fazekas gave a hard time to G-Force's Russian star and did his personal best by finishing the World Cup Grand Prix second.

"Words cannot describe how happy I am! Last year we got the attention of the cross-country world by winning a section, and now crossing the finish line second... it is great indeed. After the 5th section I saw that Zapletal has some technical issues, therefore I knew I cannot make any mistakes if I want to beat him. Plus, I also had success at the Hungarian Championship by winning this race, which counts triple times on the scoreboard. Only three remaining races and I could defend my title" - told Károly Fazekas.

What was good for Fazekas it was bad for Miroslav Zapletal - obviously. Zapletal has technical problems and was penalised with 7 minutes on the fifth section. The Romanian Costel Casuneanu, who had a consistently nice paste throughout the race made a huge mistake in the control zone by stepping over the 50 km/h speed limit. He received a 3-minute and a 50 Euro penalty. That was the reason Zapletal could eventually grab the bronze medal. Speaking of penalties: Erik Korda had the worst luck with losing 7 minutes, which cost him a medal. Korda finished 6th at the World Cup, and 3rd at the Hungarian Championship.

"I am getting more comfortable in my new Toyota and with my new navigator, Csaba Fábin, which is great futurewise. I know that the word "if" is non-existent in sports and should not care about the penalty, thus I am  looking ahead and hoping to win the national title" - stated Erik Korda.

The World Cup's scoreboard also had some changes: driving a Mini and finishing the Baja seventh, Khalifa Al-Mutaiwei reached the top due to Jean-Louis Schlesser's drop out on Saturday.

The Results of the HunGarian Baja
Cars: 1. Boris Gadasin, Alexey Kuzmic (G-Force Motorsport) 4:01.29, 2. Károly Fazekas, Albert Horn (Fazekas Motorsport Racing) +3:33, 3. Miroslav Zapletal, Maciek Marton (Garzone R.O.P.) +9:19, 4. Costel Casuneanu, Maurilio Zani (Costel Casuneanu Team) +10:54, 5. Ilja Kuznyecov, Roman Elagin (Roberts Elbakjans Team) +14:10, 6. Erik Korda, Csaba Fábián (RTL Motorsport Egyesület) +15:33, 7. Khalifa Al-Mutaiwei, Andreas Schulz (X-Raid Team) +17:55
Motors: 1. David Casteu (Yamaha Elf Casteu) 4:13.53, 2. Oriol Escale (Team Petromiralles) +12:07, 3. Alex Zanotti (TM Racing Factory) +18:15
Quads: 1. Alex Brusselers (Memo Dakarquad Team) 4:30.24, 2. Ralf Hoorman (E-ATV Racing) +37:31, 3. Robert Weijers (TVTW Team) +44:14
Trucks: 1. Vaclav Svoboda, Martin Kalous, Matej Oliva (Svoboda Team) 4:34.56   

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