11.08. - 14.08. 2016.

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At the end of the weekend…

GADASIN Boris- KUZMICH Alexey (G-Force Proto): „This day was also hard, like yesterday, but at the same time it was a little bit easier as we have known the selectives. I am really happy, as we ended with 30 points. The next stop is Poland; we have never been there before.”

FAZEKAS Károly- HORN Albert (BMW X5): „Usually I am only satisfied with the first place only, but now I feel that the 2nd place is okay too. We are glad to win the Hungarian Championship and our category too. It’s really honorific be the 2nd after Gadasin, I really respect him. The car was also perfect; I really enjoyed my time here!”

CASUNEANU Costel- ZANI Maurilio (Mitsubishi Racing Lancer): „Everything went fine, we finished the race more or less perfectly, the third place is totally okay for us. This was my second time here, but actually I don’t really like these selectives, maybe they needed too much techniques…I would like to be better next year!”

ZAPLETAL Miroslav- MARTON Maciek (H3 Evo): „It was not a successful day for us, as we had a lot of problems with the engine. We had to stop for 6-7 minutes and then we went really slowly… According to that it’s a World Championship the 4th place is great, but I wanted to be the 2nd .”

KORDA Erik- FÁBIÁN Csaba (Toyota Hilux): „As we said yesterday we didn’t take risk. More or less I am satisfied with the results, but it could have been better… The whole race is not over; I hope we can do it better next time. The car was quite okay, but we have to get used to it.”

AL MUTAIWEI Khalifa- SCHULZ Andreas (Mini All4 Racing): „We could finish the race, but we did not take risk. The 9 minutes, that we lost because of a ‘tree-accident’ was not calculated. Anyway, everything was great, it was an exciting weekend.”

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