11.08. - 14.08. 2016.

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According to UEM and FIM the HunGarian Baja happens to be one of the best organized races, and it continues to be a major event of the European Championship – Despite the low audience numbers, many well-known stars attended the race from all over the globe – The World Cup and the European Championship cost additional 10 millions

Zoltán Garamvölgyi: After the successful event of 2012, the 10th jubilee is on its way

Although the 2012 HunGarian Baja FIA World Cup Grand Prix finished a week ago – where Silk Way Rallye's winner, the Russian Boris Gadasin took the glory in the class of cars, the motorcycle champion title was earned by the 2010 World Champ, the French David Casteu, while the king of quads was the Dutch Alex Brusselers – here is what we learned from the Hungarian challenge, an evaluation from the head organizer, Zoltán Garamvölgyi. He told that despite the economic crisis still affects the cross-country world, some huge records were broken. In fact, the costs skyrocketed, because the HunGarian Baja joined the FIM World Cup series, but one thing is sure: on next year's – actually the 10th jubilee event is coming(!) - Baja the bikes and quads are both going to appear on the tracks. International judges gave some nice complements to the Hungarian race, however it will return to its original spot, Veszprém and near Lake Balaton. Garamvölgyi told that the towns and folks near Győr have already assured the organizers about their support of the 2013 event.        

How any entries the HunGarian Baja had this year? Any reason for the drop?
Zoltán Garamvölgyi: - It turned out real early that this will not be the best year for the cross-country community. Unfortunately, the participation rates have been going down by 10-20% for several years now.
Even the Italians, the Spanish and the Portuguese feel it, but they have not much to worry about as we, Hungarians do. Our most entries happened in 2008, when 115 competitors lined up. Although, this year we had a fantastic crew, with world famous stars and teams, not much people visited the contest. But, a record of 28 nations were represented. And it was a pity that not much as 70 racers began the challenge.

Is the ultimate balance now, and is it positive?
Zoltán Garamvölgyi: - It has never been positive, but I am really hoping for a better new, and I would like to believe this year was our last negative. The costs are growing each year, and because we joined the FIM World Cup series, it meant an additional 10 million HUFs. And at this point, there has been not a meter taken!  From a GM point of view – financially – it does not worth it at all. Anyway, it was a pleasure to meet such pleasant people from the FIM crew, the cross-country committee and the drivers. That was, it is good to think about the future.

And the 10th jubilee is on its way...
Zoltán Garamvölgyi: -      I believe this was a good trial year for everyone and if HunGarian Baja gets proper promotion next year, visitors of the jubilee race may expect big surprise! Even if I wanted to, I would not bother with the negative issues, because the competition was far from over when the local majors and representatives ensured me about their support, and we have already started to plan next year's show. This, and the letter of thanks from the racers give me such strenght to overcome the financial problems. It fills me up with joy that we were able to organize an event which had the permission for its every tiny bit, and there were no damage on the tracks.

Several pilots like Boris Gadasin, who made history by winning the HunGarian Baja twice, would like to have the race back at Balaton. What are the odds for that?
Zoltán Garamvölgyi: - I also would like to have it moved back to the shorts Balaton and to the shooting range of Veszprém. In fact, if that territory has not been there for us back in the day, we would not have a World Cup event. Unfortunately, our Baja has been removed from that area, because it was easier for the environmentalists to say no, rather than making a logical decision. The last Baja there was in 2009, and then it was stated that everything went allright, we kept every rule, there were not any harm made in the environment. However, we had to go, and I am working 6-7 months every year to get back to the Balaton. I always receive unfavorable decisions in the final moment. In April supervisors are happy to collect the application fine, and then it takes them 90 days to came up with an answer, which is usually no. Therefore, we made up our mind that the surroundings of Győr is a lot better, because people love us there, and want us to be there. Thus I advice the racers to befriend the new tracks...

Were the FIA, FIM and UEM satisfied?
Zoltán Garamvölgyi: - FIA has not released an official statement yet, but at this stage there are no fatal mistakes to make. The promised their answers in 2-3 weeks. While Mr. Hakkala representing the UEM, and the president of the jury, Mr. Fossa told that the race was professionally organized, therefore the HunGarian Baja continues to be the headline event of the European Championship. The representatives of the FIM said that race was excellent, my team is great. They also congratulated in a letter arriving on Monday. What is more, the Romanian Baja also has been authorized in the World Cup series – this act is an acknowledgment of our work.

Has there been debates about the penalties?
Zoltán Garamvölgyi: - I am usually remain impartial concerning these. As far as I remember there have only been some speed limit violations in the class of quads and motors. While,  in the crew of cars Zapletal moved up to the third position, Costel went down to fourth position at the WC.

Any most memorable moments?
Zoltán Garamvölgyi: - We marked a perfect spot to have the superspecial – we put a lot effort in that. Unfortunately, when the tests drives began on Thursday, and after three hours of riding the director of the nearby gas-plant and Gőnyű's major came by to warn us about how the huge dust the vehicles cause endanger the establishment. They called our attention  to that, if the plant has to be shut down, we have to pay an enormous fine for that...
Thus, we had to cut that part of the superscecial and kept watering it, only 4 km-s remained. That couple of hours were extremely stressful, somehow we managed to overcome every obstacle, and  the Baja worth every penny! I am hoping in 2013 we will provide a decent event like this year's!              

Polczer Miklós Foto 2014

Pataky Péter & Horváth Anna 2015

HunGarian Baja 2015

HunGarian Baja 2013