14.08 - 16.08.2014

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The 2012 Hungarian Baja demands respect from its challengers

One of Hungary's best motor riders, Richárd Hodola...[more]

Exciting race After the service of Kapuvár…[more]

Gadasin is the first

Before the first Selective…[more]

After the SuperSpecial

CASTEU David (Yamaha 450 YZF): „I’m trying to be as good as possible...[more]

Gadasin ruled the Hungarian Baja's prologue

The London 2012's silver medalist judo fighter, Miklós Ungvár...[more]

It has begun

According to the temperature we could say that we are in Egypt...[more]

Jean-Louis Schlesser: I will take it easy, no pressure!

The World Cup's combined scoreleader, two-time Dakar-Champion...[more]

Khalifa Al-Mutaiwei: A gold medal debut would be fantastic!

The HunGarian Baja has critical importance on the road...[more]

The test day of Korda

Erik Korda and his navigator Csaba Fábian have tested the new car today...[more]

Boris Gadasin: It would be an honor to win this race twice

After conquering the Silk Way Rallye, the Russian Team G-Force's head pilot...[more]

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Pataki Péter Foto 2013

HunGarian Baja 2012

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