11.08. - 14.08. 2016.

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Wide smile – test on the military area!

The competitors came slowly – but the rain...[more]


Infobook is Entrants - Press - Press Review...[more]

New car, jump in co-driver

Pál Lónyai is starting on Hungaria Baja with a new car. Let's say it would be hard to come with...[more]

Hodola: This is the most important race of the year!

„Hungaria Baja is the most important race of the year for me to all aspects...[more]

Somfai: doesn’t hurt anymore!

Matyas Somfai is excited. At this time not because of the opponents...[more]

Fazekas wish to get into the top ten!

The success pair has teamed up again: Fazekas will stand at the start line on...[more]

Big boys, big toys

Big boys play with big toys – saying the truck drivers, and one of them Miklós Kovács, who loves Hungaria Baja because...[more]

The latest technology at HunGarian Baja!

"The latest GPS technology is used at..."[more]

Arrival Guide

The Arrival Guide is available in the...[more]


The Timetables are available in...[more]

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Polczer Miklós Foto 2014

Pataky Péter & Horváth Anna 2015

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