11.08. - 14.08. 2016.

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HunGarian Baja Newsletter – June 2012

The Yamaha will be with its factory team at HunGarian Baja![more]

If August, then HunGarian Baja

The above mentioned slogen is not only familiar for the Hungarians...[more]

The whole world watched us

Maybe it is not true, but for sure, cross-country meant the MetalCom HunGarian Baja...[more]

And the winner is.Novitskiy!

"At the first selective we were really sleepy...[more]

Hangodi is swimming in gold

Here is the first Hungarian champion: Zoltán Hangodi...[more]

Novitskiy is the winner

Eight Bajas, eight winners. In 2011 we can celebrate a new winner...[more]

Before the final round

In the Service on Sunday...[more]

Waiting for the final

For the cars, the last round is comming at MetalCom HunGarian Baja...[more]

Latest news: Szalay - technical problem

It is not a great and nice day for Szalay and Bunkoczy.[more]


At 8 o'clock int he morning the quad/bike category started their last day...[more]

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