14.08 - 17.08.2014

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Regulations 2011

The Supplementary regulations are available in the entrans menu... [more]

Motor/Quad – Last report

CECI Paolo (Beta RR450): I enjoyed this race so much...[more]

Gadasin won

The Sweet-Milk HunGarian Baja ended with Russian winning...[more]

About the Sweet-Milk HunGarian Baja

GADASIN Boris- SCHEMEL Dan (G-Force Proto): „ I’m glad to win the contest.[more]

Várkonyi’s team finished

The duo of the OPEL DAKAR TEAM had to finish the race...[more]

Gadasin is still the first

The weather was really changeable: it was rainy and cold, sunny and bright.[more]

Murczin said good bye

Muczin- Bagics had to give up the race today as they had problems with the car’s clutch.[more]

After Saturday....

GADASIN Boris- SCHEMEL Dan (G-Force Proto): „Everything was okay,[more]

The leader is Gadasin and Korda

The Russian Gadasin got a real huge chance, as Holowczyc had to give up the race..[more]

About Holowczyc

Holowczyc crashed into a tree during the ninety-kilometre-long section..[more]

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Marian Chytka Foto 2013

Pataki Péter Foto 2013

HunGarian Baja 2012

HunGarian Baja 2011