13.08 - 16.08.2015

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Timetable, Arrival Guide and a map of the Spectators' area!

Timetable, Arrival Guide and a map of the Spactators' Area is available...[more]

Entry lists are available!

Entry list are available under the menu of Entrants![more]

HunGarian Baja 2015 SSS

5, 4, 3, 2, 1! Start on the SSS of HunGarian Baja! This is the stageat Nyirad Arena! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IGU-hn2A1c4 [more]


Nicola Dutto is a special rider and a special man.[more]

HunGarian Baja 2014

HunGarian Baja 2014...[more]

Back to the Future!

Nothing demonstrate better the success of a race, than the competitors’s smile at the...[more]

SS4, SS5 - Bike -The winner is: Vojkuvka!

Lubomir Vojkuvka from Czech Republic won the HunGarian Baja...[more]

SS4, SS5 - Car - Fireworks – Al-Attiyah wins

At the end: fireworks. And not only because at the Finish podium...[more]

SS2, SS3 - Cars - One here, one there

The Hungarian Cross Country World Cup, HunGarian Baja...[more]

SS2, SS3 - Bikes - Military area – cool, but really difficult

They were up early. On Saturday morning at 7.00, at the Hungarian Cross...[more]

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Polczer Miklós Foto 2014

Pataky Péter & Horváth Anna 2015

HunGarian Baja 2015

HunGarian Baja 2013